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Simple Aloo Beans Curry | Homemade Telugu Recipe | By Vasantha Vantalu


Required ingredients:

  • Chopped beans
  • Chopped aloo
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Chopped onions
  • Green chilies
  • Menthe leaf
  • Curry leafs
  • Popu seeds
  • Ginger garlic paste
  • Coriander leafs
  • Salt
  • Red chili powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Oil

Preparation process:

  1. Lit the stove and place cooker on the stove and add the required amount of oil let the oil heat lightly and add popu seeds to the cooker then add green chilies, chopped onions, curry leaves and mix well
  2. Now add menthe leaves then add ginger garlic paste and mix well. Now add chopped aloo to the cooker and mix well then also add chopped beans and mix well then add little turmeric powder and cover the cooker lid and let all the ingredients cook well
  3. After some time remove the lid and mix well now add chopped tomatoes then add the required amount of salt, red chili powder, coriander leaves and mix well then cover the cooker with the lid for sometime
  4. After some time remove the lid and mix well now add little water and cover the cooker lid and give two to three whistles. Now remove the lid and mix once and that’s it tasty aloo beans curry is ready to serve!!!


Beans area unit seeds from the legume family, ordinarily referred to as the legume, pea, or bean family. they're a reasonable supply of macromolecule, fiber, iron, and vitamins that provide several health edges.
In this article, find out about 9 health edges of beans, as well as obtaining a lot of macromolecules and reducing the chance of cardiopathy.
Beans: the fundamentals
Share on Pinterest macromolecule in beans might facilitate maintenance and repair the body.
Beans area unit the seeds from flowering plants within the legume family and area unit classified as legumes.
There area unit many sorts of beans. Dried beans would like cookery to create them tender enough to eat. Canned and frozen beans area units usually able to eat once warming on the stove or within the microwave. a number of the foremost in style bean varieties include:
  • lima beans
  • black beans
  • black-eyed peas
  • soybeans
  • kidney beans
  • garbanzo beans
  • navy beans
  • pinto beans
  • red beans

Health edges of beans

1. Protein

Protein could be a very important nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining and repairing the body. Beans area unit high in amino acids, the building blocks of the macromolecule.
There area unit twenty amino acids, and 9 of those area units essential. There also are 2 forms of macromolecule sources: complete and incomplete.
Animal product, soy, and quinoa area unit all complete proteins, which suggests they contain all 9 essential amino acids.
However, of all the categories of beans, solely soybeans contain all 9 amino acids.
People will mix incomplete proteins with loco, seeds, dairy farm products, or grains at one meal or throughout the day to create complete proteins.
For example, an individual can:
Beans build a superb supply of macromolecule for vegetarians and vegans.
They are additionally lower in calories and saturated fat than other macromolecule sources, like meat and full fat or low-fat dairy farm product.

2. Folate

Beans contain many very important nutrients, as well as the B complex. B complex is crucial for overall health, to create healthy red blood cells, and facilitate stop ectoderm defects during a fetus throughout physiological condition.
A 1-cup, or 155g, serving of shelled edamame beans provides 482 micrograms (mcg) of the B complex.

3. Antioxidants

According to analysis, beans area unit made in polyphenols, that area unit a kind of inhibitor.
Antioxidants fight the consequences of free radicals, that area unit damaging chemicals that the body produces throughout metabolism and alternative processes.
Free radicals will cause cell injury which will end in numerous diseases. Antioxidants facilitate the body to take away free radicals. during this method, antioxidant-rich foods, like beans, will facilitate defend the body from sickness. 

4. Heart health

People who consume beans often are also less probably to die of an attack or alternative vessel downside. The authors of a 2017 meta-analysis prompt that one reason for the decrease in vessel risk was that individuals had replaced higher fat animal meat proteins with beans.
A 2013 review and meta-analysis found a transparent correlation between uptake beans and a lower risk of coronary cardiopathy.
Another analysis suggests that nutrients in beans might facilitate lower steroid alcohol. High steroid alcohol could be a risk issue for cardiopathy and heart attacks.
There is proof that a high fiber diet might facilitate cut back the chance of disorder.
A half-cup, or 88 g, serving of black beans provides regarding fourteen g of fiber, that is over 0.5 associate degree adult’s daily demand for fiber.

5. Reduced risk of cancer

These effects might cut back the chance of cancer.
The research revealed in 2015 analyzed whether or not beans might need inhibitor properties that fight internal organ cancer. The results prompt that black beans had the best inhibitor activity.
A 2016 study additionally found that chemicals in Northeast China black beans might slow the expansion of large intestine cancer by preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

6. polygenic disease and aldohexose metabolism

Beans might facilitate stabilize blood sugar levels or perhaps stop the polygenic disease. Beans area unit high in fiber, which might facilitate lower blood sugar.
The author of a two018 review over that intense a high fiber diet might cut back the chance of sort 2 polygenic disease. There was additional proof that it's going to facilitate lower blood glucose in those that have already got the condition.
Another study looked specifically at the result of adding a cup of legumes to the daily diet of individuals with sort two polygenic disease. This study showed a discount on blood glucose levels and lower blood pressures within the cluster UN agency Greek deity beans over the management cluster UN agency enclosed a lot of whole wheat fiber.

7. Preventing liver disease

Fatty liver happens once fats accumulate within the liver. It will develop aboard avoirdupois, high steroid alcohol, high vital sign, and alternative aspects of metabolic 
Doctors base the treatment of {fatty liver|liver sickness} disease on weight loss and dominant blood sugars, in addition to reducing blood levels of fats, like triglycerides and lipoprotein (LDL), or unhealthy steroid alcohol. exchange higher fat animal proteins with beans could be a smart step towards higher liver health.

8. dominant appetence

When an individual chuck beans, the fiber and healthful starches they contain will facilitate produce a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

9. rising gut health

Research has shown a range of beans, particularly black beans, enhance gut health by rising internal organ barrier performance and increasing the amount of useful microorganism. this could facilitate stop gut-associated diseases.
Healthful gut microorganisms additionally support systems perform and should promote weight loss. Beans feed the healthful gut microorganism colonies.

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