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Besan Laddu in Telugu | Homemade Recipe | By Vasantha Vantalu


Required Ingredients:

  • Besan powder
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Kaju

Preparation Process:

  1. Lit the flame and place a pan on the stove  and add ghee to it let the ghee heat lightly then add besan powder to the pan and mix both the ingredients well without lumps then add some more ghee and mix well until it changes its color 
  2. Now add milk to the pan and mix well then add sugar and mix well now put off the stove  and make the batter into small round balls and keep the kajus on the top and that's it tasty besan laddu is ready to serve

Advantages of Besan

Rich in fiber and nutrients, besan is gram flour or chickpea powder. it's found in most Indian families and is employed to arrange delicious pakoras. The chick meal may also be used rather than flour in some sauces and gravies because it blends well and imparts a nutty flavor to the dish. This versatile product has several health advantages and is that the main ingredients in several of the skin lightening home remedies. it's accustomed exfoliate and cleanse the skin. it's additionally used as a hair pack. It helps in losing weight and management of the polygenic disease. Here square measure a number of the health 

1. sensible for your heart

Besan contains soluble fiber, that keeps your heart healthy. The fiber content of the besan flour keeps the steroid alcohol levels in restraint and this helps in the correct functioning of the guts and healthy blood circulation.

2. Lowers polygenic disease

Besan is one of the most effective home remedies to manage polygenic disease. The lower level of glycemic index keeps the polygenic disease in restraint. you'll be able to replace flour with gram flour for creating bread and rotis. (

3. Fights allergies

This is the flour you must use if your square measure allergic to protein. This protein-free product can be used rather than wheat, which contains protein. It additionally contains fewer calories and is extremely nutrient. Besan helps you to repel several allergies.

4. Helps in weight loss

Besan helps in quicker calorie burn owing to the lower levels of the glycemic index. overwhelming besan can assist you to eat lesser calories throughout the day. embody besan in your daily diet to spice up fat burning and up biological process level.

5. Helps in skin adjustment

Besan is one of the foremost effective home remedies for skincare. It tightens and lightens the skin. It additionally helps in maintaining the skin's snap. All you've got to try to do is take a spoon of gram flour, add a touch little bit of turmeric and build a paste victimization milk. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it dry. once a while, wash it off with cold water and apply some moisturizer. Regular use of this methodology can build your skin tight and appear younger.

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