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Appadalu Recipe in Telugu | Homemade Recipe | By Vasantha Vantalu


Required ingredients:

  1. Maidha 
  2. Sesame seeds
  3. Oma seeds or carom seeds
  4. Cumin seeds
  5. Salt
  6. Oil
  7. Water

Preparation process:

  1. Take a bowl and add maidha to it then add oma seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, salt and mix all the ingredients well by gradually adding the required amount of water and keep the dough aside
  2. After some time take the dough and make the dough into small round balls and press them as we do for rotis now lit the stove and place the pan on it and let the pan heat then add oil to the pan now add the pressed dough to the oil and deep fry them until they turn into brown color and that’s it tasty appeal are ready to serve !!!


1. Fight microorganism and fungi

  • Carom seeds have powerful medicine and antifungal properties.
  • This is probably going attributed to 2 of its active compounds, thymic acid, and carvacrol, that are shown to inhibit the expansion of microorganisms and fungi.
  • Test-tube studies indicate that these compounds could combat doubtless harmful microorganisms like E. coli (E. coli) and enterics — culprits of gastrointestinal disorder and alternative health conditions.One test-tube study discovered that carom seeds were simpler against multidrug-resistant strains of microorganism and fungi together with candida, fungus krusei, and eubacteria mutants compared to alternative solvents 
  • However, more analysis is required to look at however the seeds could have an effect on the expansion of microorganisms and fungi in humans.

2. Improve sterol levels

  • Animal analysis indicates that carom seeds could lower sterol and glyceride levels. High sterol and glyceride levels square measure risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • In one rabbit study, carom seed powder reduced total sterol, lipoprotein (bad) sterol, and glyceride levels.
  • Similarly, a study in rats found that carom seed extract was effective in lowering total sterol, glyceride, and lipoprotein (bad) sterol levels whereas conjointly increasing levels of heart-protective HDL (good) sterol.
  • Still, in each study, carom seed powder is solely evidenced effective at treating high sterol levels once utilized in high doses that you simply won’t get from the consumption of the seeds through a traditional diet.
  • More studies square measure required to judge however the seeds could have an effect on sterol levels in humans.

  • Animal studies show that carom seed powder and extract in high doses could cut back elevated sterol and glyceride levels — each of that square measure risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

3. could lower force per unit area

  • High force per unit area, or high blood pressure, maybe a common condition that will increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Traditional treatment involves the employment of medicines like calcium-channel blockers. These blockers stop metal from getting into the cells of your heart and relax and expand blood vessels, leading to lower force per unit area.
  • Some analysis indicates that thymic acid — a significant element of carom seeds — could have calcium-channel-blocking effects and will facilitate lower force per unit area levels.
  • For instance, studies demonstrate that carom seed extract reduces force per unit area levels.
  • However, analysis of carom seed’s effectiveness in lowering force per unit area levels continues to be restricted. more studies square measure required to grasp however the seeds could have an effect on force per unit area in humans.
  • Carom seeds could act as a medicinal drug and facilitate lower force per unit area levels, tho' current analysis is restricted to animal studies.

4. Combats biological process ulcers and relieves dyspepsia

  • Carom seeds square measure is normally used as a social unit remedy for organic process problems in Ayurvedic drugs.
  • Some studies show that carom seed extract could combat biological process ulcers, that square measure sores of the gorge, stomach, or gut.
  • For example, a two-week rat study discovered that treatment with carom seed extract improved abdomen ulcers caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.
  • The study found that the result of the extract was adored that of a standard medication accustomed to treat biological process ulcers.
  • Carom seed extract can also facilitate stop and treat gas and chronic dyspepsia. {indigestion|dyspepsia|stomach upset|upset abdomen|symptom} is classified as persistent pain and discomfort within the higher a part of your stomach. Delayed abdomen remotion is one of all the perceived causes of dyspepsia.
  • Interestingly, carom seed spice has been shown to accelerate the method of food passing through the abdomen in rats, which can facilitate improve dyspepsia. Still, this has not been well-tried in human studies.
  • There are a few proofs that carom seeds could facilitate fight biological process ulcers and improve dyspepsia, however, analysis is restricted to animal studies.

5. could stop coughing and improve airflow

  • Some proof suggests that carom seeds could give relief from coughing.
  • Though analysis is scant, one study in guinea pigs found that carom seeds created associate degree anti coughing result bigger than that of pain pill, a standard medication accustomed treat coughs.
  • Carom seeds can also improve airflow to the lungs.
  • In a study in individuals with asthma attack, treatment with zero.057–0.113 cc per pound (0.125–0.25 cc per kg) of the weight of carom seed extract enlarged airflow to the lungs 30–180 minutes once administration.
  • The result was adored that of Elixophyllin, a standard asthma attack medication.
  • Ultimately, a lot of analysis is required to higher perceive the result of carom seeds on coughing and alternative metastasis symptoms in humans.
  • There is restricted analysis suggesting that carom seeds could have anti coughing effects and will facilitate increase airflow to the lungs.

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